SSD data recovery Toronto

SSD data recovery Toronto

SSD data recovery Toronto provided professional data recovery service for 15 years in GTA and surrounding areas

• Human error

• Logical corruption

 Read errors

• Software corruption

• Formatted and deleted drive

• Computer virus

• Inaccessible drive

• Unable to detect media

• Power surge

• Controller failure

• Fire and water damaged

SSD data recovery Toronto

SSD data recovery Toronto, unlike traditional HDDs, SSDs does not have moving parts and make no sound. However, solid state drive(SSD) has a limited number of writes over the life of the drive.


The challenges of SSD data recovery

Data recovery – SSDs have different registered data organization at different manufactures. Also, the flash chips configuration within array which is more complicated than most RAID system.

SSD data recovery Toronto developed a manufacture level recovery process to disassemble the code from different brands name, rebuild the images from the number of flash chips within array and then assemble the dump images into one single image.


Data recovery for SSD

Recover data from SSD involved many of the complexity tasks. Our R&D department developed the tools and the procedure for the Solid State Drive(SSD) to create the dump image of each NAND flash memory chips from inside the SSD. Next is the most critical process. Our engineer have to decode all the dump image and figure out the configuration of the controller chip, it has millions of different combination like a puzzle but only one solution. At last, we combine all different dump images with a correct configuration into one big ISO image and make it able to mount and access on the operation system normally.

No matter how reliable of Solid State Drive(SSD), When you use it like normal everyday, it will fail some day in future. It won’t have any warning or notice to you. But, it will just come up a day. Just like your LCD TV at home. After you watch it for 35,000 hours, it’s live cycle may be finished and you need to get a new TV.

However, don’t forget your valuable data is still sitting in your failure SSD. We strongly encourage you send the solid state drive to a professional data recovery company like SSD data recovery service Toronto before all chances of recovery are lost.


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