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SSD data recovery service Toronto

SSD data recovery Toronto delivers high quality, innovation, responsiveness and smart pricing; positioning itself to be a preferred provider of advanced data recovery and preservation solutions to businesses and home users.

Company founders include key performers from one of the world’s industry leaders. Together, our principals leverage decades of advanced data recovery and storage expertise, providing service with levels of convenience, security and value previously unavailable in the industry.



SSD data recovery Toronto enters the Data Recovery, Storage and Preservation sector equipped with highly knowledgeable and experienced personnel. It’s management core boasts decades of experience in this specialized industry, all that time working together in one of the world’s largest enterprise recovery labs in Toronto. The benefits this expertise provides our clients include:

* Established, proven formulae and methodologies. Our experience allows us to deploy reliable, efficient techniques in the diagnosis and recovery of data loss. Critically, our expertise can also help prevent the further degradation of failed or failing media, as often occurs in the hands of more junior technicians.

* Improved customer communications through knowledgeable agents, who are equally comfortable providing support to all our clients; from the most “technophobic” home user to the enterprise level administrator.

* An established network of resources to enable the best handling of the most challenging cases.

Our customers and partners will attest to the value we offer them in minimizing downtime and restoring their critical data affordably and efficiently.


SSD data recovery service’s on-site technicians employ SSDpod™; state-of-the-art, portable media diagnostic and imaging equipment. This remarkable device, reinforced with cutting-edge designer software and an ongoing research and development programme, allows us to safely and accurately evaluate failed media, and often recover data, at your home or place of business.

Our overall capabilities enable us to recover data from the entire spectrum of storage media, including all brands of hard drive with different interface(IDE, SATA, SCSI, SAS), notebook drive(1.8″, 2.5″), SSD, USB external drive, SD flash memory card, RAID 0/1/5, SAN, NAS. Additionally, we are proficient in a wide variety of file and operating systems, from the most common MS Windows, MAC OS’s and Linux EXT2/3/4 to the most exotic, proprietary file servers, like RAID 0/1/5, SAN, NAS.

For those occasions when failed storage media requires internal or electrical repairs within a fully equipped laboratory or clean-room environment, our Toronto, Ontario facility serves handily. Mobile recoveries that cannot be completed on-site are delivered to our labs, where an experienced technician performs the remainder of the procedure. Having achieved that goal, the completed recovery is then returned to the client. The failed media can also be returned, or, at your option, hard drives may be securely recycled at no cost.

At the conclusion of the recovery process (or better yet, before you experience media failure), SSD data recovery Toronto can advise on a wide variety of data preservation, storage and backup strategies, featuring both localized hardware solutions and secure on-line backup packages.


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